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You can download all the Cobalt RAQ Restore CDs from Sun Microsystems. They are available in .ISO format. You will need to use a CD-ROM burning utility that supports .ISO such as Nero or NTI. There are add-ons for Windows XP that support it as well, such as ISORecorder [1] which is free.

See ftp://ftp.cobalt.sun.com/pub/iso/

OSRCDs Currently Available
updated: Thu Oct 09 13:00:05 PDT 2003

960-CR200101AU		CacheRaQ 2 English
960-CRAQ4101AU		CacheRaQ 4 English
960-MRAQ3101AU		ManageRaQ 3 English
960-NR200101AU		NasRaQ 2 English
704-7983-10		Sun Cobalt Control Station 1.0
960-QUB201001D		Qube 2 German
960-QUB201001F		Qube 2 French
960-QUB20101AU		Qube 2 English
960-QUB20101AJ		Qube 2 Japanese
960-QUB30101AJ		Qube 3 Standard Japanese
960-QUB30101BU		Qube 3 Standard English
960-QUB30102AJ		Qube 3 Business Japanese
960-QUB30102BU		Qube 3 Business English
960-QUB30103AJ		Qube 3 Professional Japanese
960-QUB30103BU		Qube 3 Professional English
960-QUB30101EU		Qube 3 ML Standard (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30102EU		Qube 3 ML Business (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30103EU		Qube 3 ML Professional (includes Chinese)
960-QUB30101FU		Qube 3 OS 6.4 Standard (Mendocino)
960-QUB30102FU		Qube 3 OS 6.4 Business (Mendocino)
960-QUB30103FU		Qube 3 OS 6.4 Professional (Mendocino)
960-RAQ20101AJ		RaQ 2 Japanese
960-RAQ20101AU		RaQ 2 English
960-RAQ30101AJ		RaQ 3/3i Japanese
960-RAQ30101AU		RaQ 3/3i English
960-RAQ40101BJ		RaQ 4i Japanese
960-RAQ40101BU		RaQ 4i English
960-RAQ4R101BJ		RaQ 4r Japanese
960-RAQ4R101BU		RaQ 4r English
960-RAQ4S101AJ		RaQ 4 Japanese
960-RAQ4S101AU		RaQ 4 English
960-RAQXTR01AJ		RaQ XTR Japanese
960-RAQXTR01AU		RaQ XTR English
259-3894-11-RaQ550	RaQ 550
259-3894-13-RaQ550	RaQ 550
*960-STD201001U		All MIPS (RaQ 1 and Qube 1) English

* This sku is for RaQ 1 or Qube 1 only.
  For RaQ 2 and Qube 2 use 960-RAQ20101AU and 960-QUB20101AU respectively

--ChrisD 21:09, 13 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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