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CCE is the Cobalt Configuration Engine. It is a series of XML files that are used to configure the user interface settings. This is not a beginner tool. There is no undo function so be careful.

You must be logged in as root. Then issue the command:


This will bring you to a command prompt:

100 CSCP/0.80 200 READY

Help is available by typing


ADMIN suspend | resume : suspend or resume write operations

AUTH <username> <passwd> : Authenticate as a user

AUTHKEY <username> <sessionid> : Attempt to resume a session

BEGIN : Begin a transaction

BYE [SUCCESS | FAIL | DEFER] : Disconnect immediately, indicating exit status

CLASSES : List all classes

CREATE <class> [<key>=<value> ...] : Create a new instance of the specified class

DESTROY <oid> : Destroy the specified object

ENDKEY : Expire the current sessionid now

FIND <class> [<key>=<value> ...] : Find instances of the specified class, matching given criteria

GET <oid>[.<namespace>] : Get a list of key=value pairs for the specified object

HELP : Show help about all commands currently available

NAMES <oid> | <class> : List available namespaces for an object or class

SET <oid>[.<namespace>] [<key>=<value> ...] : Set all listed keys to listed values in the specified object

WHOAMI : Get the object id of the currently logged in user

To exit use the command:


Please note that commands are case specific! Also, there is no undo for these commands so I suggest capturing the settings before editing by using the GET command. Use the cceclient command at your own risk!

--ChrisD 18:18, 15 May 2005 (UTC)

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