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Using a null modem serial cable, you can boot into single user mode and issue commands as root if you've broken something else on the server, etc.

To go into single user mode, do these steps:

  • Power off the appliance (RaQ or Qube)
  • Connect a standard 9-pin serial null modem cable to the first serial port of the RaQ and to your PC/laptop
  • Run a terminal program on your PC/laptop (Hyperterm for Windows, minicom for Linux, etc.)
    • Settings should be 115200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (8-N-1) and hardware flow control
  • Set the terminal type in your program to be "vt100"
  • Power on the appliance
  • Just after the first text appears on your PC/laptop screen, hit the space bar. If you miss it, just power cycle the appliance right away and try again.
  • type: boot
  • type: set_params single
  • type: bfd

Go to the page about using a null modem cable if you need help (e.g., no output is appearing on power up, etc.). Some appliances use different settings; it's all explained on the other page.

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