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Fifth generation RaQ server appliance.

  • This server was the first ever to offer four removable/swappable hard drives in a 1RU chassis.
  • Rushed into production during the Sun acquisition, the early models (733 MHz and 933 MHz CPUs) suffered from data corruption errors, especially at high loads. Units were recalled or swapped (2 RaQ 4r for each XTR). Product re-released about 9 months later with 850 MHz and 1 GHz CPUs.
  • Used a hybrid of the Sausalito interface (seen on the Qube 3 and RaQ 550) with the Special Sauce Perl backend from RaQ 4

Tips and Tricks for the XTR

Security Warning

Due to the out of date and possibly vulnerable software, it is recommended that you upgrade your RaQ appliance to the BlueQuartz (Strongbolt) or RackStar Server Appliance OS.

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