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Second generation RaQ appliance, and the last MIPS-powered appliance Cobalt built.

Technical Data for the RaQ 2

250 MHz MIPS R4000 64 superscalar RISC microprocessor
16-MB to 256-MB DRAM EDO SIMMs (2 slots) 3.3V
Internal Ultra ATA hard drive
10/100 Base-T Ethernet network interfaces
External SCSI port (mini-micro 50 pin, Ultra Narrow, optional)
LCD panel for easy set-up and administration
Serial console interface

Linux 2.0 multitasking operating system
Apache 1.3.3 web server, HTTP/1.1 compliant
Virtual Hosting Services: name based and IP based
CGI support
SSI support
Perl scripting
SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 email protocol support
FTP, anonymous FTP access
Telnet access
Domain Name Server
FrontPage Server Extensions
NTP client support
Optional SSL support
Code development environment
Legato Networker client
Security: PAM/Shadowed Passwords

System Management:
SNMP management support
Browser-based setup wizard
Browser-based server management and per-site management interfaces
Online ActiveAssist real-time help
ActiveMonitor maintenance agents
Web-based performance and usage reporting
Browser-based backup and restore utility
Browser-based software upgrade

Physical Data
Dimensions: 17.00 in. x 12.50 in. x 1.75 in. (43.2 cm x 31.8 cm x 4.5 cm fits in standard 19 inch rack)
Weight: 9 lbs. 3 oz. (4.2 kg)
Power requirements: Input rating 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 35 watts
Operating environment: 32o to 108oF (0oto 40oC), 10% to 90% humidity (non-condensing)
Non-operating environment: 14o to 122oF (-10oto 50oC), 5% to 93% humidity (non-condensing)
LEDs: Power, Transmit/Receive, Link, Collision, 100 Mbit Operation, Disk Activity, Web Activity
Regulatory approval: FCC Class B, VCCI-B, UL, C-UL, TUV, CE

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