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These sites provide information, software and/or services to the Cobalt community for no charge, or for a suggested donation.

Cobalt Hacking FAQ (
Various notes about the x86 machines (kernel, ROM, etc.) from Tim Hockin (former Cobalt Networks and Sun Microsystems developer).

CobaltFacts (
Home of the cobaltfacts mailing list and assorted HOWTOs and software downloads.

Cobalt Support (
Cobalt Support offers free security packages for all Sun Cobalt RaQ servers. Also, they have a forum to assist users with questions about their servers. They also offer paid technical support as well. (
Various Cobalt HOWTO procedures. Archives of the old cobalt-* lists at Sun. Also home of the Ruby "port" of the RaQ 550 and Qube 3 software open sourced by Sun.

Edison Communication (
PKGs and HOWTOs, Cobalt forums. (
HOWTO for installing Fedora on a RaQ 3/4.

iceblink (
Duncan Laurie's page with ROM info, Debian and Red Hat kernels, etc. Duncan is a former Cobalt Networks and Sun Microsystems developer.

PkgMaster (
PkgMaster provides packages for all Sun Cobalt RaQ servers. They also have How-Tos to assist users.

rackAID (
rackAID provides support for all Sun Cobalt RaQ servers. We offer installation, backup and security services.

RaqLinks (
RaqLInks provides pkgs, resources, links, tutorials and how-tos for the raq.

SourceForge: Cobalt ROM (
Information and software concerning the (now GPL'd) Cobalt ROM software. Project leaders are Duncan Laurie and Tim Hockin.

SourceForge: Sausalito (
The Sausalito management platform (UI on Qube 3 and RaQ XTR/550). Project leaders are Will DeHaan and Tim Hockin.

Tao of Mac (
Various HOWTOs and blog entries about Cobalt stuff.

FAQs and HOWTOs created for UK2RaQ's RaQ 3 customers. Useful for all Cobalt appliance owners. (
RPMS, mailing lists, forum, interactive chat and more.

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