Command line PKG install on RaQ 550 and Qube 3

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For RaQ 550, the command is the same as for the Qube 3:

  su - 
  /usr/sausalito/sbin/ -i -f /path/to/the_file.pkg 

To keep the RaQ from automatically rebooting if the PKG wants it to, add -R to the command

  /usr/sausalito/sbin/ -i -R -f /path/to/the_file.pkg 

If you have several PKG files "in order" (e.g., prepended with 01, 02, 03, etc) you can install them in one shot with this command:

  for i in *.pkg; do /usr/sausalito/sbin/ -i -R -f $i; done 

Do NOT do this command if the files all have their original name from [Sun]; they will not be installed in the right order, and it will be a mess.

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