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You can easily backup your Cobalt RAQ using - This backup utility uses the Cobalt Migration Utility so you can also use the backups to restore the backup to a newer Cobalt RAQ.

This backup utility does not backup the configuration files for the web server, ssh, or any other applications you have customized on the server. So you will need to create a script to backup these files.

Recently I migrated data from one RAQ550 to another RAQ550 and I noticed some issues:

1. The DNS settings are not migrated. I had to re-setup the DNS by hand.

2. The websites using Frontpage required manual deletion of the \_private or \_vti* folders in order to setup the password.

3. If a website number already exists the same as your original server such as the root host name at the time you restore, it will be renumbered. This may cause problems with scripts and e-mail.

Tape Drives

You can use an external scsi tape drive with your Cobalt RAQ3i/RAQ4i/RAQ4r. See For the RAQ2/Qube2 see

--ChrisD 18:45, 15 May 2005 (UTC)

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