Activate NotifyMail on Qube 3

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this is for use with NotifyMail on a client machine

1 - allow finger to be run from sendmail

you must be logged as root :

ln -s /usr/bin/finger /usr/adm/sm.bin/

2 - edit file called .forward in the user's home

There is a file called .forward in /home/users/name_user_you_want_notify/.

A the end of this file (after line # VACATIONEND) you must create new line with :

\name_user_you_want_notify, "| finger nm_notifyuser@ip_or_dns_of_machine_you_want_notify"


Joe's computer is a Macintosh with NotifyMail installed (like me ;-)).

Joe's ip is

Joe wants to know when there is a new email for him on the Qube.

edit file /home/users/joe/.forward on the Qube :

\joe, "| finger nm_notifyuser@"

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